Peace Lily Drooping: Causes And How to Revive a Wilting Peace Lily


Have peace lilies or also known as “Spathiphyllum” ever planted in your garden or in a little pot? Then must be aware of a few common problems that peace lilies might face or might be facing.

These plants are well known for their ease of care and by this occasionally some of the issues that arise in one of the most common problems are Peace Lily Drooping.

The wilting problem of the peace lily can be occurring due to many different conditions of the environment and it is very important to seek solutions.

It is important to first discover the causes of which your peace lily starts drooping. A droopy peace lily is a common issue faced by many plant owners, and it's usually caused by improper watering, low light, high temperatures, or a lack of nutrients.

Self-watering planters can definitely help prevent drooping peace lilies in the long run by promoting consistent moisture levels.

Once you discover the cause it might be easy for you to revive your peace lily plant. Now grab your glass of water and start reading below causes and solutions while being in strong focus.


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Some Major Causes of Peace Lily Drooping

Some of the major causes that play an important part in wilting of the peace lily are described below:

Some Major Causes of Peace Lily Drooping

Excessive Sunlight

A peace lily is the type of plant that starts wilting and drooping when exposed to the sun too much. For a plant of this kind, partial sunlight of low intensity is required. If the plant is exposed too much to the sunlight its leaves start burning.

This burning stage is a sign of excessive sunlight as the rate of respiration is more than usual. By this, the plant starts to lose water cells quickly, and thus leaves start wilting and drooping.

Lack of Water In Peace Lily

As stated above, too much sunlight is very dangerous for your peace lily. In this case lack of water will make your peace lily plant dry out and it gets started drooping.

Drooping leaves are also the basic sign that your peace lily is thirsty and needs water to complete its synthesis. Leaves turning yellow are also a sign of water lacking. Cute Face self watering pots are great choice for Peace Lily.

self watering planter for peace lily

Excess Watering In Peace Lily

Leaves turning yellow or getting wilt don’t mean that the plant requires too much water for its good health, as overwatering causes waterlogging in the surrounding soil making your peace lily very difficult to breathe and digest its nutrients. Also, make sure your pot drains water properly, or else the plant starts to wilt gradually.

Root Rotting Problem In Peace Lily

Drooping of the peace lily might concern one of the reasons called Root rotting. This happens when the plant stays in excess water for a long period. Due to this, roots get too wet causing the problem of root disease.

Major signs your plant is facing root rotting issue:

  • Leaves start changing their color to yellow
  • Roots of the peace lily start turning black
  • Leaves of the plant might get Wilting
  • It gets weakened or mushy

Pests Problems In Peace Lily

Pests can be the other major problem for your peace lily drooping when left unaddressed for a long period. Most common pests called MealyBugs are the bugs/pests resembling fluffy cotton buds within leaves or in soil. Due to the presence of these bugs, the plant reduces its plant vigor and gets a nutrient deficit. So care peace lily to avoid drooping in the plant.


How to Revive A Droopy Peace Lily?

If you are already facing issues of drooping or wilting peace lily, some of the basic methods are described to revive your plant as early as possible.

How to Revive A Droopy Peace Lily

Don’t provide direct Sunlight

Your peace lily will keep on drooping up till it is facing direct sunlight as described above it is not good for its health. To fix this excessive sunlight issue, move your plant to an area that is a bit shady like moving it to a partially lit area. The best area for your peace lily is the bright area of your garden or window’s shelf which is bright but not getting direct sunlight.

Water Peace Lily on time

The peace lily is the kind of plant which requires more water than usual when blooming. To revive your drooping peace lily it is important to keep track of watering your peace lily which might be often once or twice a week to keep the soil healthy and moist and prevent drying. In summer, provide your plant with distilled water as it is very beneficial for the peace lily to reduce water loss.

Drain your pot’s Soil

When you notice that water is not draining properly in the pot, drain the potting soil until the draining problem gets fixed which is very easy to do. You can follow these steps to do this job.

This is kind of the plant which is known to be very thirsty and can do well when watering on time and is draining properly. It doesn’t mean that you leave an excessive amount of water due to which the peace lily will start wilting pretty fast.

Treat Peace lily root rot properly

Peace lily root rot is one of the infections which can be easily treated. When you observe your peace lily starts drooping just be clear that your pot’s soil requires treatment including roots and water too. To prevent root rot you can use this beautiful designed self watering head planter.

Your peace lily will start facing a little stress after reporting but don’t worry it is normal and in a few days, your plant will start to grow healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do peace lilies take to recover?

As far as watering and sunlight is completely taken care of, the peace lily may take up to two to three weeks to recover properly.

Why peace lily has brown tips?

It is recommended by the experts, that the peace lily has brown tips because of lack of water. Water your peace lily on time but not water excessively as it also causes peace lily drooping.

Why is my peace lily flower turning black?

Turning off the peace lily’s leaves to black is the major signal of blooming as it is the normal issue that occurs when blooming. Simply remove the spent bloom which can prevent your plant from drooping.

Can a dying peace lily be saved?

A drooping and wilting can be easily revived if all the precautions should be followed including watering, preventing excessive sunlight, root rotting etc.

How do you Revive A Droopy Peace Lily?

To revive a droopy peace lily, first check the soil moisture level and water the plant if necessary. Make sure the pot has good drainage to avoid over-watering, which can lead to root rot. Place the plant in a bright, but indirect, light source and mist the leaves regularly to increase humidity.


If you've tried all of these tips and your peace lily is still drooping, it might be time to consider replacing it. A healthy spathiphyllum should have firm, upright leaves with no drooping whatsoever. If you're seeing signs of wilting, follow these tips to help revive your plant.

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