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Air-Purifying & Easy Care

Live Succulent Plants

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Unique Head Planter

Hanging Self Watering Planter

Unique Self-Watering Design for Your Indoor Plants

Indoor Self-Watering Planter for Houseplants

Grow your Indoor Plants Healthier
3D Printed
Swing Girl Hanging Pot
Air Holes for Root Growth
Excellent Gift to Plant Lovers
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Self Watering
Orchid Pot With Holes
Blossom in Style: Elevate Your Orchids with Our Premium Orchid Planter!
Pack of Six
Self Watering Planter With Clear Insert
Make your plants happy with simple and stylish self watering pot
Beautiful Color
Self Watering Planter
With Air Holes And Water Indicator
Succulent plants
Air-Purifying & Easy Care
Live Succulent Plants
Breathe easy, live healthy: Easy-care succulents that purify your air.
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Unique and Modern

Self-Watering Face Planter

For Succulents

Customize Your Design

Create your own head planter from a photo

Self-Watering System Design

Prevent your plant from drying out while you're on a summer vacation or away from home. This face planter is perfect for plant beginners to keep their plants alive.

From our customers


Best Orchid Pot

Recently, I tried out a pot from PlanterHoma. I’m really excited about these pots and what they can do for orchid growers. Especially for people who travel a lot and aren’t available to water regularly and for new growers, as figuring out watering can be tricky.

Anna Weston

So CUTE!!!

I saw these cute little planters online and ordered a total of 3 of them. They are a great addition to my pretty Greenhouse. I am going to get some fishing line and put some pretty beads on the 3rd one before I put a plant in it and hang it up. I have the other two swinging in my Greenhouse. I love them!!!

Kimie Gaudette

Cute Addition

This Swing Girl is so cute! Makes a very nice addition to a small sun room, patio, or even apartment living. It arrived safely and was well packaged. Fast Shipping.

Michelle Gunning

Girl on a swing planter

Her name is Hazel & she makes me smile! Was easy to put together, planted a dangly leaf plant in her little head for hair & she's so cute!

Amber Banks

Cutest damn planter ever!!!

I saw an ad for this planter and thought it's a scam as facebook can be know for sketchy stuff.. but nope totally legit. Super fast shipping, easy to put together, and just the cutest planter ever. Highly recommend

Jennifer Nickelsburg