Reasons For Brown Tips on Peace Lily? How to Fix Brown Tips


Peace lilies (Spathiphyllum) are the most delicate, sophisticated, and charming flowers you can have on your balcony. Lilies can be grown anywhere in the house, wherever you want to, either indoors plants or outdoors. The peace lilies add peace, serenity, and coziness to the dry corners of the house.

Well, as far as the beauty of peace lilies is concerned, as peace lilies are indoor plants, they require proper care and gentle handling.

Here is the proper guide on how to remove the brown leaf tips from the peace lily.

There can be many reasons why the peace lily tips turn brown, and there is no option other than to cut the brown tips aside. If you are a new peace lily lover, you will find a lot of drama in what peace lily will do.

They will take time first for their proper propagation, and after that, they will require you to take some extra care of them like babies. And what if their tips turn brown? Then what to do?

First of all, if your peace lilies turn brown, you do not need to worry that much. It is good for you that the lilies have given you an indication that there is something wrong with the plants that are bothering them. So you just ponder over that thing.

Reasons For Brown Tips on Peace Lily

Reasons Of Brown tips on peace lily

Following are the reasons which may help you to discover why your peace lily has turned brown:

Non-distilled water:

 The first possible cause for the peace lily to turn brown can be the non-distilled water. It can harm the roots as well as the growth of the plant which in turn gives you the brown tips. So keep in mind that you need to water the plants with proper distilled water so that it may not harm your peace lilies. Peace lily can be grown in self watering planters easily.

Improper use of fertilizer:

Fertilize your peace lily carefully If you are using the fertilizer improperly, it will directly damage the soil, leaves, and the roots of the peace lily. Do not use an excessive amount of fertilizer because it is not fruitful for the growth of peace lily. It also effect peace lily leaves turning yellow and brown.

Replacement of the damaged leaves with the natural leaves:

It is usually very common that at the bottom of the peace lily, there are going to be many damaged leaves that will simply turn brown because of lack of proper care and water. Usually, the damaged leaves fall apart, indicating that there is no longer space for the damaged leaves on the plant and hence leaving space for the new leaves to grow.

Excessive watering of the plants:

If you are excessively watering your plants without paying heed to whether your plant needs an extra amount of water or not, you are simply going to harm your plant. Do not use an extra amount of water if you are concerned about growing your peace lilies beautifully. Excessive water can also cause root rot.

Above are the main reasons for the peace lily to turn brown. Pay attention to all the reasons if you have peace lilies in your house.

  • Watering the peace lilies properly:
  • The following is the guide for watering the plants properly.
  • You can fill the bucket with distilled water, or you can use the gallon as well.
  • Place the plant in the soil and dig the roots into the soil properly.
  • Water the plants until the soil gets damp.
  • Do not use an excessive amount of water.
  • Once you are done watering the plants, place the bucket aside.
  • Now, leave the plants in the fresh air for some time.

The diseases and pests:

The main reason that the peace lily tips get brown is that a pest or spider attacks them. The spider leaves their venom on the leaves, which have a grayish color, which in turn results in the tips getting brown.

Excessive heat or sunlight exposure:

Sometimes we do not realize that the temperature that is very normal for the human body can never be normal for plants. You may wonder how? Yeah, because the plants placed near the windows or in the open atmosphere are in direct contact with heat, which harms the plants.

The heat dries the soil, and ultimately, the tips turn brown.

Change in the peaceful lily environment:

The environment could also possibly be the reason for the tips turning brown. You should look for the proper place and the right environment so that your peace lilies can flourish properly.

A checklist for Healthy Peace Lily

How to Fix Brown tips on peace lily
  • There should be a proper checklist on how to get rid of the peace lily tips turning brown, which is interpreted as follows:
  • Use distilled water instead of non-distilled water.
  • Do not place the plants in the scorching sun.
  • Do not use an excessive amount of fertilizer.
  • Do not overwater the plant.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I cut the brown tips off my peace lily?

Should I cut the Brown tips off my Peace lily

No, you should not cut the tips of peace lily brown directly because doing this will harm the proper growth of the plant and the plant will get damaged. Peace lily brown tips trimming is not a wise option.

How do you fix peace lily leaves turning brown?

The peace lily brown tips can be fixed easily by first looking for the reasons behind the lilies turning brown. Once you find out the reason, you should go for the possible, easiest, and quickest solution to fix the brown tips. The other causes for the lilies to turn brown are given in the above article you can give them a read too.

How often should I water my peace lily?

This is the most important question and you should know the right answer for it. If you are a new gardener and do not much about how to take care of the plants, then you do not need to worry. The peace lilies require weekly watering, do not excessively water the plants it is not good for their growth.


Peace lilies and the amount of care they require is more than taking care of a child. Anyhow all inside jokes aside, if you are a peace lily owner and are concerned about the growth of it you must go for the reasons behind the damage. In this article, every little aspect is articulated perfectly to help you out through the problems you are facing.

Hope it will help you in every possible way, cheers!


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