Best Plants for Self-Watering Pots

Hey, if you are a plant lover and want to beautify the corners of your homes with the natural beauty inside you must know the different categories of best plants which you can self-water and make your homes amazingly beautiful.

So, here I am going to tell you about all the best plants which you can grow in self watering planter and how to use self watering planter, you can take care of them, and you can make the aura of your homes even more refreshing.

Here we go then.

Top Plants for Self Watering Plants

African Violet:

African violet in Self watering pot

African violet plants are the most amazing and refreshing plants one can ever get for his/her home. These are the plants which can make the lonely corners of the homes even more alive and beautiful.

If you would go to Google about the fact that what does it make African plants most demanding then you will be finding your answer that there smell, their color and most importantly the atmosphere they create is exceptionally amazing.

The African violets are the most suitable plants for self-watering pots as they would not cause the roots to rot. The amazing thing about the African violets is that while taking care of them you can even get rid of the dead leaves easily. 

You need to take some extra care while watering them as they are reluctant towards warm water, so you must be watering them with lukewarm water.

Peace lilies:

Peace Lily in self watering planter

Well, there cannot be any second choice while choosing the plants for self-watering when you have peace lilies in hand. Peace lilies are the most beautiful flowers which cannot just lighten up your mood but also refreshes your mind, will make you feel so fresh and vibrant, can also smell the entire home with their cozy and refreshing aura.

Peace lilies are so easy to plant inside the house; you can just put them in the pots, water them and take care of them. Keep it in mind that you do not need to put them in the direct sunlight as it will make the leaves go so brown and dead and hence making the overall look so dull. Self watering plant also save Peace Lily from root rot.



pothos for self watering planters

Pothos is another choice for self-watering plants as they can help in making the home so pretty yet so lively. As pothos can be grown so easily indoor and can easily be taken care of, there would not be any second coherent thought in your mind while choosing the plants for self-watering pots.

Pothos look so lovely and they are low maintenance plants and very easy to watering which cannot only make your home beautiful but also make your bad day so refreshing. 

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Well boston is another choice you can easily go for but there is a very complicated relationship of this plant with the sunlight you can even say love and hate relationship. You need to keep them in the very minimal weather condition.

Boston’s are easily grown self-watering plants which can help you build the beautiful corners around your home. They can be easily put in the lawn or the terrace wherever you want them.


Fern best plant for self watering planters

Ferns are the amazing plants which will not demand you to take extra care of them, all they will just require are the mild temperature, humidity, normal hydrochloric water and some shelter. You just do not need to put them in to direct sunlight as they will heat up, the roots will rot, and the look will become so clumsy.

As they are self-watering pots and look great in this 3D printed self watering head planter. You merely need to water them at proper timings and in return they will gift you a beautiful, refreshing and pleasant smell all over the house.


selaginella best plant for self watering pot

This is the amazingly beautiful plant which can be grown inside the pots in the home and you can water them so easily. The flowers are so beautiful; they have so lively and amazing smell.

The attention they need while watering them is not to water them from top as it will make the leaves rinse so bad they will start rotting in no time.

By all other means, this plant should be the top priority for you to plant for self-watering.

Cherry tomatoes plant:

cherry tomaotes plant for self watering planters

Cherry tomatoes, another good and optimum choice to go for. While if you are looking for the amazing plants and want to self-water them inside the house, you are good to go.

You do not need to over water and under water the plants. You can water the plants minimal on daily basis. It will not cause any harm to the seeds. You should go for the self-watering container because the cherry tomatoes grow up so fast.


Basil best plant for self watering plants

The most popular self-watering plant in the town which you can easily grow inside the home. You can even water them so easily. You do not need to take some extra care just put them in the shelter or inside any corner of your house where no direct sunlight can affect them. But do not just keep them away from sunlight because Basils could not survive the cold temperature.

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Tips for self-watering planters:

Here are some tips to follow:

When you are looking for the plant to grow inside the pot in your house which you will self-water after, follow the following instructions:

  • Take the proper guide from your gardener to whom which you are buying the roots.
  • Even if you are taking the seeds, thorough study them.
  • Take the proper instruction guide or watch any tutorial from YouTube if you are new to plant the seeds.
  • Water the plants properly and give them proper attention and take great care of them.

Frequently asked questions:

What plants do well in self-watering pots?

There are many plants that can go well in self-watering pots, a few of them are discussed in detail in the above article and you can also look for

  • Peace lilies
  • Snake Plant
  • African violets
  • And many more

Are self-watering pots good for all plants?

Yeah, self-watering pots are always a good choice for the plants to grow inside the home and for those plants that need regular watering. You should go for this option without even thinking twice.

Do self-watering pots cause root rot?

Yeah, there might be the possibility that these self-watering pots can cause the root to rot because not having the proper flow of drainage, the root will eventually rot. But by using this new modern self watering head planter you can avoid root rot in plants.


If you are a new planter and want to plant in self-watering pots, here you have all the possible and good choices for you to have in your homes. In this post, all the possible factors and outcomes are elaborated. Give it a thorough read before buying the plants. I Hope, it helps you out. 

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