Top 7 Indoor Plants That Grow in Water Only Without Soil

What's the first thing you think when you hear the word Plants that grow in water only. Do you think of a pool, fountains, or floating plants?

You may have seen some unique web gardening or landscaping ideas or pictures. The plants pictured in these photographs were grown in water and look incredible. 

This new gardening trend is gaining popularity because it produces vibrant color, and you can use it in your room, office & kitchen.

Three things are necessary for plants to survive: light, water, and growing space. Lastly, a third requirement must be met for space for your plant.

This can be anything from soil to peat moss to clay pebbles to water. The plants that grow in water only are stunning and add amazing texture to any landscape.

You can grow your plants exclusively in water if you satisfy a few simple requirements.

Let's start to talk about Plants That Grow in Water Only.

How Do Indoor Plants Grow in Water?

Growing plants in water without soil by placing cuttings in a water-tight container and allowing them to grow there for a few weeks. However, a little more work is involved in ensuring your plant thrives. Below are some tips and tricks on how to grow plants in water with help of these simple tips and tricks.

Pick the Right Vessel.

Indoor plants that grow in water without soil can be done in any container. Roots can be seen growing in glass containers, which are easy to come by.

Algae are more susceptible to growing in glass containers than in any other type of container because of light exposure and stagnant water. To help control algae growth in your jar, add a few pieces of charcoal or powdered charcoal to the water.

A plant's Light Needs.

Plants need to have ample amounts of light for photosynthesis to take place. Whether growing in pots or outdoors, the plants will not thrive without the right amount of light.

The amount of light required for plants to grow in water is similar to what is required for plants grown in soil. So it would be best if you planned according to the light preferences of each variety you are growing.

Provide Fertilizer to Water Plants

The root of a plant can be easily established in plain water, but eventually, it will require food to continue growing.

A plant that grows in water typically requires a lower-intensity fertilizer than a plant that grows in soil. You will also have to consider the plant and fertilizer you use.

Water Wisely

The best type of water for plants is unchlorinated water if you want the best results, use tap water left at room temperature overnight to dilute your solution.

It is usually enough to change the water in plants once a month in order for them to remain healthy. The amount of sunlight and the type of vessel are important factors in determining how long it lasts.

The water in the container will evaporate over time. The water should be replenished weekly, and once it appears murky, you should completely change it.

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The Top 7 Plants That Grow in Water Only

The top 7plants that grow in water are only a few of the many plants that can thrive in water. Water is an important element for plants and is necessary for their survival.

If you want to learn about some of the most amazing plants that grow in water, this list is for you.

Can we Grow Spider Plant in water?

The spider plant is a nice-looking plant that you may be interested in keeping indoors because of its nice looks. In addition to having distinctively marked leaves and roots that look like spiders, the plant gets its name from the markings on the leaves.

Spider Plant Indoor Plants That Grow in Water

Plants with this color have a distinct difference from those with other colors. You can plant new plants from the stem by allowing the new roots to grow. You can plant it in either the soil or the water. It will grow well both in the soil and in the water.

Due to the fact that spider plants do not require much maintenance, it is an excellent choice to grow them in water. In the case of living in a small apartment or condo where you do not want to have to deal with potting soil or other types of soilborne diseases, this could be an ideal solution for you.

Remove the spider plant from its soil pot, wash it thoroughly, and remove all dirt on the plant if you want to grow it in water. Having cleaned the root, inspect it and trim down any excess roots that are longer than eight to ten inches once it has been cleaned.

The roots should also be removed, so the water does not become contaminated with damaged or rotten roots. The first thing you need to do is to fill the bowl with a handful of clean gravel. This supports the plant and gives it a lot of texture and support.

Once you have placed the plant root in your vase, ensure it is not pushed under the stone but placed inside. Ensure the spider plant leaves don't submerge in the water, as the roots will cling to the pebbles.


In water, all types of begonias thrive. However, the rex and tuberous begonias do especially well in water. The rooting of these lovelies is based on the fact that you take a healthy stem cutting with a node attached.

begonia Indoor Plants That Grow in Water

In water containers, begonia plants make gorgeous flowers that can be grown as beautiful plants in pots. The plant has beautiful, attractive leaves and cute flowers that look great in the home.

It is very important that you make sure the begonia is placed in a warm, bright area to grow and bloom well. You can provide the required amount of sunlight for the plant by placing it near a window or in the living room.

It was just a matter of placing the begonias in the water and then watching them grow. Water containers or vases with these plants have a much higher success rate when it comes to growing in them.

Chinese Evergreen

There are several ways to grow Chinese evergreens in water, so if you are ready to take the plunge, you can do so relatively easily. A fresh cut from a mature, healthy Chinese Evergreen is the best cutting method for propagating this plant in water.

Chinese evergreen Indoor Plants That Grow in Water

The cut should be taken just below the leaf node on the stem, allowing you to work with around six inches of the stem. The leaf shoots out of the stem at the point where the leaves start to grow.

Place the cuttings from your Chinese evergreen plant in a vase full of water after cutting off a few inches from what you want to keep.

Ensure that the cutting is long enough for the leaves to remain above, some to be submerged under the water's surface, and enough for the cutting to be submerged underwater.

The plant will need indirect sunlight to grow well in water, so it is important to keep that in mind. Therefore, placing the container on a window sill is recommended for the best results.

In a few weeks, you'll be able to see new roots emerging from the submerged part of the stem where it has been submerged for some time.


Colorful foliage plants grow quickly in water due to their rapid rooting ability. Rooting this colorful foliage plant in water is easy because it has a rapid rooting process. Remove the leaves from the bottom four inches of a 6-inch cutting before putting it in water.

Coleus Indoor Plants That Grow in Water

Take a green cutting and cut off six inches of it. Place a cut out of the six inches long plant in a vase filled with fresh water and place it there for three days. Put the vase in a bright area away from direct sunlight, with at least two nodes submerged in water. The best results can be achieved by fertilizing once a month.

Can We Grow Monstera in Water?

Yes, you can grow Monstera in water. It is known that Monstera plants have very large leaves and also have an open and airy growth habit. This makes them the ideal choice for people who enjoy plant cultivation in water.

monstera Indoor Plants That Grow in Water

When the right care is taken, there is no doubt that you can grow and flourish in water if you are willing to take the time to do so. The plant has large and serrated foliage that makes it look quite stunning from the side. Check mehtod to propagate monstera plant.

Can We Grow Pothos in Water?

Definitely, you can! Pothos is a popular houseplant that will thrive in various conditions and is easy to care for. Pothos is one of the easier plants to grow in water only.

Pothos Indoor Plants That Grow in Water

There are a lot of easy-to-grow houseplants that do well in water, including this one. Plants such as pothos contain a wide range of auxins, hormones that regulate plant growth and assist in stimulating root growth.

You can grow pothos in water, but it may not do well if the water doesn't have enough nutrients.

Can We Grow Peace lily in Water?

Yes, of course! We can grow peace lily in water Because a peace lily is a water plant.

Peace Lily Indoor Plants That Grow in Water

Peace Lillies are low maintenance and require little maintenance. Generally, the plant should be removed from its pot to grow Peace Lily in water.

The soil should be cleaned in lukewarm water. Remove any overshoots or damaged roots when the mud has been removed. It is recommended to leave the plant with four to five leaves.

Once you have placed it in the water container, ensure its root is also in the container. Under the water, make sure to keep the roots of the Peace Lilly submerged since they need to remain submerged.

Then, let the old water be changed with fresh water every week, and repeat the process. It helps to enhance the absorption of nutrients from the water into the roots of the Lilly plant.

Using fresh water is one of the most important things to remember when using these. There will be an increase in the plant's ability to absorb nutrients from the water as its roots grow.

It is important to remember that the more fresh water you replenish, the more nutrients the plant receives.

Furthermore, you can also use fertilizer to make your peace lily grow better. If you are unsure whether your peace lily is receiving the nutrients it needs, you may wish to fertilize it once a week.

A Self-Watering Planter is Best for The Growing Plants that Grow in water.

Water is one of the essential elements for any plant to thrive. Plants that grow in water only are especially susceptible to dryness and can have trouble surviving in dry conditions.

That's why it's important to grow these types of plants in self-watering planters—they'll have access to fresh water whenever needed.

If you're looking to grow plants that thrive in water only, then a self-watering planter is the best way to do it.


No need to spend much money on gardening materials, pots, or soil. You can grow these Plants that grow in water only and get wonderful results. Growing plants in water is currently a trend, but the good news is that it doesn't require much effort.

Making a green wall or container requires minimal effort, and you can add that pop of color you desire.


Can all plants grow in water only?

It is unfortunate to say that the answer to this question is no. All plants can't grow in water only.

What plants can I grow in water?

There are many different types of aquatic plants that you can grow in water. Few of theme are mentioned below.

  • Lucky Bamboo
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Spider Plant, Coleus
  • Wandering Jew
  • Peace LIly
  • Montserra
  • Pothos

Do water plants need soil?

In aquariums, root-feeding plants require soil to grow and thrive.

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