How To Propagate Peace Lily? Step by Step Instruction Guide

If you have a dark corner around your house or you are thinking to brighten up the lonely corner of your balcony, you won’t be thinking twice about the idea of the propagation of the peace lilies (spathiphyllum) in the corner of your house. The dark green leaves and the white flowers in the corner of your house, well honesty this image is so soothing then think what beauty the white lilies are going to add up to the lonely corners of your house.

This article provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to propagate peace lilies.


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How To Propagate Peace Lily?

Follow the steps below to propagate peace lily.

Selection of Time for Peace Lily Propagation:

The most important factor which plays a vital role in the peace lily propagation is the timing, as they are indoor plants an appropriate time is mandatory for the propagation of peace lily. Peace lilies can be propagated in any season as they are totally independent of the weather conditions. Anyhow, for better propagation summer and spring would be the best options to go for.

Selection of Time for Peace Lily Propagation Is Very Important

The factor which influences the timings of propagation is the age of peace lily. They can be easily propagated even if they are too young but all they need is to be mature. Mainly we would need a large clamp of stems to have the better the results. 

Significance of The Mother Plant:

The tricky process is to identify the mother plant. In most of the cases, it is located in the center of the pot and generally, it blooms in the spring season. It is the main seed grown firstly, which plays an important role in the propagation of the lily further.

Significance of the Mother plant in propagation of peace lily

But the general step which you have to follow majorly is to plant the leaves gently into the soil and keep the leaves at a certain distance from each other. Furthermore, look forward to the crown seeds which have grown earlier.

After the division of the peace lily what we will be left with is only the mother leaf.  The plus point is that the peace lilies are separated with their leaves fully. Once the peace lily is grown from the crown the net growth of the peace lily happens and it moves away from the mother lily and hence making space for the new peace lily.

Division of The Peace Lily for Propagation:

Before proceeding with this step, we have to look for the crowns and once we have located them now we need to divide them.

For this process, gently pluck the peace lily and clean any soil from the leaves. Make sure that the soil you clean from the leaves will remain in the original pot and not on the surface. Place the peace lilies on the floor and spread their roots as much as you can.

Now look for the roots where they are connected with the other leave and you will probably find out that there will be only one root connecting with the other. In the whole process, you need to keep your hands gentle so that you may not hurt the other leaves.

Now you need to cut the crown from the mother root keep in mind that this process requires some extra care. You must not be hurting your beautiful lilies even intentionally as well.

The division is generally a tricky process but not that much to stress over. All you need is keen concentration, gentle hands and proper guidelines.

Placing The New peace lilies:

Now as we are majorly done with all the tricky steps, now we have to put the plucked lilies in to a certain pot so that their beauty may not fade down. We have to plant the crown in an airy condition and the post must have proper exposure to sunlight.

You should use the same blend that you have used earlier for the mother plant. All the previously done steps should be done again to keep the lilies fresh. It is referred as a transplant shock and this process disappears when the peace lily adjusts itself into the new pot.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you propagate a peace lily?

Yes, you can propagate a peace lily. Peace Lily is very easy to propagate as it can develop from a leaf cutting. The leaves of this plant can grow on their own roots.

Can I propagate peace lily in water?

Yes, the peace lily can also be grown in the water. For the propagation of the peace lily in the water now you have to put the mother flower suspended in the pot above the water. This suspended system will thus help to grow the peace lily in the water.

Where do you cut a peace lily to propagate?

The division is not an easy process but yeah it can be done easily by cutting the mother flower into appropriate pieces and then looking for the crowns and placing them accordingly into the pot.

The mother and the crown flowers are generally the roots for the propagation of the peace lily.

Where should I place a peace lily in my house?

The peace lily is an indoor plant and can be placed anywhere in the house, if you want your balcony to look more vibrant and fresh and pleasant odor you must place your peace lily in your lounge, balcony and even in your bedroom and kitchen in the small pots.


Peace lily propagation is not a difficult task, if you are a new gardener or have developed a new passion for growing plants you must start the process with the indoor plants and peace lily is one of them. A complete step by step guideline is given to you for the propagation of peace lily. Hope It will help you to propagate peace lily. If you have any questions ask them in the comment section.

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