How Often to Water Pothos in Summer and Winter

The Pothos plant is a tropical species with thick, vigorous stems so that they will remain thriving in even the harshest conditions. 

There are few houseplants as easy to grow as this one, Pothos is a houseplant that loves moisture, so it's important to keep it watered regularly. 

However, if you're looking for the right amount of water for your plant, several factors will determine how much you'll need to water.

You must ensure that you water your Pothos at the right time for them to grow well. Now let's take a look at How often to water Pothos?


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How Should You Water Pothos Plants?

When you decide to water your pothos plants, add water to the pot's soil until you see the water draining out of the bottom just as it starts to drain. 


The next part we must discuss is drainage, which is one of the most important parts.


It is very important to pot your pothos plant in a light, fast-draining soil (we recommend cactus mix) and in a pot equipped with drainage, as standing water can cause root rot, which can lead to the plant dying.


Pothos leaves can turning brown off due to this condition and eventually die off the plant.


As soon as you have watered your Pothos, empty the drainage tray as soon as possible to avoid your Pothos from sitting in water.


Water your plant at least once every two weeks, depending on the season and the temperature where it is being grown.


Make sure that the soil feels dry before you water it, and then you water it until it drains out the water so that you never have to overwater.


Pothos look amazing, grow rapidly, and will probably be the star of your houseplant collection one day. As well as looking amazing, they will grow rapidly.


Your pothos plants will look beautiful if you add some Indoor Plant Food to their water. This will give them the nutrients needed to grow beautiful leaves and strong roots. 

The Best Way to Water Pothos Plants

If you're looking to grow more pothos plants at home, here's everything you need to know about how often to water pothos plants. The watering needs of Pothos are also dependent upon the season helps in faster growth of Pothos. Let us have a look at it.

How Often to Water Pothos in Summer

It is the growing season for Pothos during the summer. The sunlight is scorching. As the growing season approaches, Pothos requires more nutrients.


Pothos feel thirstier as more light comes in. Pothos will need to be watered frequently due to the rapid evaporation of soil. Pothos is a best plant for Self watering pot.


Check the soil, whether dry or not, by poking your finger a few inches deep into the soil before watering them. Usually, once a week is recommended, but checking the soil would be the smartest way to prevent overwatering.


High temperatures and low humidity can cause the soil to lose moisture quickly. Watering them more often is recommended in such circumstances, as they need to be hydrated more often than usual.

How Often to Water Pothos in Winter

As winter is a dormant season, the growth of the Pothos slows down, or let us say that you will only be able to see very little growth in this period.


It is also important to note that the sun's heat is mild, giving the soil more time to absorb the moisture from the air.


It is enough to water them once every two weeks but checks the soil beforehand to ensure that you don't overwater them.


Overwatering them might not be a good idea if it is cold in your area. The best way to determine if your plant needs a shower is to check the soil.

Factors Affecting the Need for Water

The amount of water your plant needs will depend on various factors, including the plant type, the time of year, and other environmental issues.


You should always check with your local nursery or greenhouse before buying a new plant to ensure it will be happy in your garden. You might need to water your Pothos at different times if you have a very hot or cold climate.


Here are a few factors that influence how efficiently your plants use water:


Changing seasons. In the winter, most plants will need less water than in the summer, when it's warmer, and most plants are actively growing, so they'll need less water during the cold days.


What kind of light they're getting. It is generally believed that plants exposed to bright sunlight require less watering than those exposed to darker sunlight.


Humidity and temperature. Plants that grow in warmer or drier conditions will require more water than those that grow in cooler temperatures or high humidity.


How often you water Pothos depends on how much light the plant receives and how dry the air is where you keep the plant. Mounted plants get more light than those kept on shelves, so they need to be watered more often. Water with care to make pothos fuller and bushy.


Pothos plants are very easy to take care of and grow. They are great for anyone who doubts their ability to keep up with a plant and require very little attention.


Those living in dryer climates will enjoy the fact that this plant doesn't need as much watering or misting as many other tropical plants.


How often should I water my Pothos?

You can water your Pothos once per week, but if you live in an area with high humidity and lots of rain, you may want to wait two weeks between waterings.

Can you overwater a pothos?

No! Pothos is an easy-care plant; it will just get sick if you overwater it. Most plants can handle a little bit of water, but Pothos needs to be watered in the morning or evening, and never let them sit in water overnight.

How long can pothos go without being watered?

Pothos can go long without being watered, but they must be watered periodically to keep their roots healthy.

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