How to Propagate Bird of Paradise: A Step-By-Step Guide?


Bird of paradise is one of those plants that can give the interior of a room a tropical flair that is unique to it and relatively easy to grow.

The banana-shaped, glossy leaves that fan out from the top of this vast upright plant give any area a lush, tropical flair with their glossy, banana-shaped leaves.

A plant propagation process may seem complicated initially, but with the right knowledge and equipment, any gardener can accomplish this process safely and easily.

Furthermore, if you are interested in growing your collection of Bird of Paradise plants, propagation through division can be an excellent way of doing so.

The propagation of some plants can be done from leaf cuttings and stem cuttings. But you can't propagate bird of paradise from leaf; you must take a piece out of the plant's rhizome to make reproduction possible.

There is no point in growing a new plant from a stem or leaf that does not have the necessary tissue to grow. For this reason, it is recommended that you divide your Bird of Paradise or start from seed to reproduce it.

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Let's go; we will discuss in detail how to propagating bird of paradise.

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Bird of Paradise: Why You Should Propagate it?

There are several reasons why you should propagate the bird of paradise. First and foremost, propagating the bird of paradise is an excellent way to keep your plant alive so you can enjoy it for years.

Second, it can help you learn more about your plant and how it grows to better care for it in the future.

why should you Propagate Bird Of Paradise

It is also possible that roots will emerge from the container or split during propagation, another reason for a bird of paradise plant propagation. When potted plants have grown too big, it may result in the plant developing this condition.

This beautiful plant can be propagated to multiply its beauty around your space to multiply the beauty of this lovely plant. The more seeds you plant, the more plants you will be able to grow.


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What is the best time to Propagate Bird of Paradise?

It is recommended that you divide your bird of paradise in early spring when new growth is just beginning to appear. This is the best time to divide the plant.

The wonderful bird of paradise requires different propagation methods and times depending on the time of year and the season in which it is propagated.

best time to Propagate Bird of Paradise?

Although, it is imperative to remember that indoor plants, whether potted or not, may produce new growth sooner than anticipated depending on the indoor temperature and the plant's health.

Therefore, the necessitating division should be carried out in the late winter months when the plants are dormant.

head planter

What is the Best Method for Propagating Bird of Paradise: Division or Seed?

To propagate a Bird of Paradise, you'll need to split or seed them. Bird of Paradise plants grows best when divided every 3-5 years. If you want to grow more Bird of Paradise plants next year, wait until spring and divide again.

Seed propagation is a little more difficult than dividing the plant. From seed, it can take a long time for a Bird of Paradise to develop into a large and healthy plant.

best method To Propagate Bird Of Paradise

Almost all gardeners find division a practical option since propagation can be performed immediately and included in their repoting routine; thus, it can be incorporated easily.

Now You’re probably wondering, “Which is better?” or “What is the best way to propagate the bird of paradise?

Let's go to talk about this which one is better.

A Process of Propagation Through Division.

Bird of Paradise leaves and stems do not form roots or rhizomes when cut off from a mature plant. A rhizome segment is needed to propagate a plant and sprout more rhizomes and stems, allowing a plant to grow more effectively.

This species of bird of paradise is known to form large horizontal knobby tubers with linked roots and fans of leaves resembling enlarged horizontal tubers.

How To Propagate Bird Of Paradise_ A Step-By-Step Guide6

It is better to take a portion of the rhizome of your Bird of Paradise instead of cutting off a leaf or stem when you start a new plant instead of cutting off a leaf or stem.

There is no doubt that division is the most straightforward means of propagating plants because it is the most effortless. A good time for dividing plants is when they have been flowering for the past three years or more.


Here's How to Divide your Bird of Paradise step-by-step.

This is the first step you have to perform to propagate the plant you wish. Removing the plant from its flowerpot completely is preferable instead of just taking it out.

When the plant is watered before removal, the soil around its roots will be loosened, allowing a clean plant to be transferred for propagation.

In the second step, take a sharp and clean knife and cut off a bit of the rhizome of the birds of paradise, thinning out the broken stalk. Generally speaking, if you sterilize the knife, you can be sure that most of the roots will be linked together.

Due to these reasons, the roots must be kept as far apart from each other as possible. To loosen the soil by loosening the roots, use lukewarm flowing water to loosen the soil around the roots and separate the roots.

Once the incisions on the broken stem have been made, apply a rooting hormone evenly across the open incisions of the stem.

In the fourth step, ensure that each division possesses a living fan with connected roots, such as Strelitzia, which are not dry.

A propagation pot should be filled with high-quality planting materials and the growing medium. The soil mix is one of the most important factors to consider. It is recommended to use loamy soil that has been mixed with some sand or perlite.

Finally, the sixth step of the process is to place each division of the bird of paradise into the pots that have been prepared.


If the cutting makes a new leaf or stands straight again after being reinforced, you will know that the cutting has been strengthened. A Strelitzia cutting typically develops roots after two weeks, but sometimes it might take longer. Hence, it is very likely that new leaves will begin to grow after these two weeks have passed.

The Propagation Bird of Paradise Through Seeds

The bird of paradise is one of the rare plants that bloom and produces seeds that can be harvested and successfully germinated and nurtured to grow.

You can remove the seeds of the plant once it has dried up in the spring by actively removing its seedpod, which is typically home to the plant's seeds. Hand-pollinating the blooms should result in seed pods appearing within five months. Seeds will be contained in each pod between 60 and 80.

When the blossoms have faded and died back, you may cut open the pods to retrieve the seeds. Strelitzia flowers have a bright orange bloom which corresponds to the color of the orange fuzz on top of the firm, black seeds.

Seeds are pretreated before planting, as their rigid shells require pretreatment. In addition to providing an excellent chance to learn about Bird of Paradise plants and their long-term needs, seed propagation is a rewarding option for those with the resources and environment. The seeds should be planted in the fall.

The first thing you'll need to do is get some seed. You can obtain seeds from Bird of Paradise by harvesting your mature blooms or buying from a nursery or greenhouse online.

1st step How to Propagate Bird of Paradise

The second step involves splitting apart the seedpod after you have obtained it, and then you will be able to remove the seeds of the bird of paradise plants.

2nd step How to Propagate Bird of Paradise

The third step is to soak the seeds for 24 to 48 hours in tepid water, and then you can grind them.

third step is to soak the seeds for 24 to 48 hours how to propagate bird of paradise with seeds

During the 4th step, you should remove any bright orange tuft of hairs you find on the seeds after you have soaked the seeds. With a sharp knife or nail clipper, separate each seed from the tied-up tufts by cutting them off at their base.

step 4 how to propagate bird of paradise with seeds

The fifth step is to sow the seeds half an inch to 1-inch-deep in a pot or planting tray that is moist, loose, and clean.

fifth step is to sow the seeds half an inch to 1-inch-deep in a pot

In the sixth step, you can plant the seeds outside in a sunny place with well-draining soil or in a pot after they have sprouted and developed for a few months.

sixth step, you can plant the seeds outside in a sunny place

After eight weeks, sprouts should appear. However, the plant takes a long time to develop since it develops slowly. Moisture must be maintained in the soil during this period.


Propagating Birds of Paradise: Things to Consider.

It's important to consider several things before propagating a bird of paradise plant. The first thing to remember is that you cannot simply replant the plant by cutting a leaf from it.

The bird of paradise requires a little more than leaf and stem cuttings to reproduce successfully. The plant's root has a lot of material for the new plant to grow.

The stem or leaf alone will not have enough material to produce a new plant for propagation; to propagate a bird of paradise, you need to cut an amount of its root.

self watering planter for bird of paradise

Can You Propagate Bird of Paradise in Water?

It is not possible to propagate a Strelitzia leaf in water. Roots must develop in cut sections to support new growth. This allows new stems and roots to emerge as the roots spread and firm up the plant.

There is no root system for a Strelitzia leaf to grow on in the water, so it cannot grow. Therefore, it will not be possible for the plant to reproduce successfully.

Can you Plant Propagating Bird of Paradise Without Roots?

can you Propagate Bird Of Paradise with leave

Cuttings of birds of paradise that do not have roots cannot be planted. The rhizome containing root hairs is essential for growing roots and stems. When roots are absent, new growth is discouraged, and the plant cannot propagate.

Care Tips After Propagating

It is possible to divide Bird of Paradise plants in the same manner as any other mature plants immediately after transplanting. After the Bird of Paradise seeds germinates, they can be taken over to the routine of caring for the plant several months after it was sown.

For Bird of Paradise to thrive, here are the basic resources it needs.


Always be careful while watering Bird of Paradise, Do not overwater it, as many tropical plants do. Water only when the soil is dry.



During the day, bird of paradise plants must be exposed to full sunlight for at least six hours a day to reach the maturity stage.

It is possible to grow Bird of Paradise in a low-light environment. On the other hand, a plant that does not receive enough sunlight will grow slowly and produce fewer flowers than a plant that receives sufficient sunlight.


Before planting Bird of Paradise, compost or another organic material should be added to the soil. Root rot in Bird of Paradise is common, so include perlite or orchid bark when using organic matter. In addition to improving water retention, this will improve aeration and drainage.


The best fertilizer for mature Bird of Paradise specimens is a good-quality compound. Several formulas are acceptable, including liquids, granules, and spikes. N-P-K ratios that are evenly distributed, such as 4-4-6, 20-20-20, and 10-10-8, are good indicators.

Temp. & Humidity

The mature plants of Bird of Paradise can adapt well to household conditions, even in high temperatures and humidity. Your Bird of Paradise may need an air supplement if your house is especially dry.

During spring and summer, apply fertilizer only when the Bird of Paradise is actively growing. This period is the best time to feed your Bird of Paradise. To determine how often to apply fertilizer, refer to the instructions on the package.

How to Repot Bird of Paradise?


A Bird of Paradise cannot be propagated from a cutting. But the good news is that you can propagate it from a seed and a mature plant, and you can grow a new plant successfully.

Growing a Bird of propagating bird of paradise from seed requires patience and care, but the pride you'll feel when you have a big plant will be worth all the effort.

Surely, the division is the fastest way to grow your Strelitzia. Your mature plant can be divided if you want to do so.



Can you propagate bird of paradise in water?

No, you can't propagate bird of paradise in water.

Can you propagate bird of paradise indoors?

Yes, you can propagate bird of paradise indoors.

How do you divide a bird of paradise plant?

You can divide Bird of Paradise for Propagation through division & seeds.

Can I grow bird of paradise from a cutting?

A Bird of Paradise cannot be propagated from a cutting or a leaf you need plant's rhizome to make reproduction possible

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