Best Plants for Head Planters and Face Pots

Plants and their settlers, well it is one of the most interesting and worth time-consuming things. If you are a plant lover, you must be curious about how to maintain the beauty of the plants and how to further enhance the beauty they are going to add up in your homes.

There are many different plants that can be suitable for a head planter, depending on the size and style of the planter, as well as the growing conditions in your area. Some popular choices for head planters include succulents, Herbs, ferns.

Ultimately, the best plants for your head planter will depend on your personal preferences and the growing conditions in your area. Experiment with different plants until you find the perfect combination for your space.

So, in this article, I would repeat this worth reading article is all going to be about the best plants for head planters. And if you are a plant lover, you must be reading this article with all eyes.


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What Head Planters are?  

But first thing is, do we know what head planters are and what they are for?

So let me give you a brief introduction of head planters, planters are the pots usually used for placing the plants and they have usually shapes of some faces like some feature faces.

In other words, we can take the head planters as the plants which can basically add up to the beauty of the plants as well as can help grow them better.

They are more than a funky addition to the plants. The planters are available in any kind of shape, they are in any size and you can take the size whichever you want for your plants to fit in.


Wire Vine:

wire wine best plant for head planters

These wonderful flowering plants are so beautiful that once you get hooked, you'll be searching for other varieties to add to your landscape as well. Wire Vine is a slow-growing plant. It is easy to propagate by simply taking a cutting and planting it, or by layering.

To layer a wire vine, simply bend over a portion of a flexible vine and cover it with soil. The vine will root where it lies on the ground. Muehlenbeckia vines can be grown in head pots or on fences, a trellis, or a wall. The flowers are usually pinkish-white, but the variety Schoentalii has purple blossoms.


The string of Pearls (String of Beads):

strings of pearl best plant for face pots

It is a kind of ground cover plant and the foliage resembles a string of beads. The string of beads plant is native to southwest Africa and goes by the scientific name of Senecio rowleyanus.

It is also known by the common names of a string of pearls and necklace plants. It looks great in a head pot and will increase the look of your room and balcony.

Curly Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Bonnie):

curly spider plant for face planters

Curly Spider Plant is the species name of this plant. Chlorophytum is a plant of the spider plant family. The Curly Spider Plant (Chlorophytum) is an easy-care houseplant that has spreading leaves and clusters of small white flowers.

It is popular with interior decorators and can be used in face planters or as a table plant - it grows quickly and requires little attention. The Spider Plant is easy to grow and propagate, giving you many plants from the few you buy.

Pink Lady Plant (Callisia repens):

Pink Lady Plant (Callisia repens)

Callisia repens, or Pink Lady Plant, is a flowering herbaceous perennial with a thick, stout stem, and a large rosette of shiny, succulent, grass-like leaves. The rosette is often covered with soft, creamy white flowers in spring. Callisia repens is native to eastern and southern Africa and was introduced to other parts of the world. It is cultivated as an ornamental plant and a potted plant for garden decoration.


Burro's Tail Plant (Sedum Morganianum):

burros tail plant for self watering head planters

Sedum morganianum, the donkey tail or burro's tail is a small evergreen Succulent with beautiful, bright red flowers that bloom from June to August. It's native to southern Mexico and is a member of the Crassulaceae family. It is sometimes called "burro's tail" because it grows in arid conditions. The plant is friendly, small and carefree. It is one of the best plant for your face planter.

It is great for indoor use. Burro's Tail can also be grown indoors in hanging planters and head planters. Burro's Tail grows from 4-20 inches high and spreads between 12-18 inches wide. You can grow it in any kind of soil.

Euonymus (Spindle Tree):

It is the prettiest plant, which can lighten up the corners of the house. You can place these plants on the balcony and lounge as well. They have such delicate leaves and soft fragrances.

Skimmia Japonica:

skimmia japonica best plant for head planter

If you are a diehard plant lover, this is going to be your favorite plant. This cutest plant has the soft leaves with plenty of red buds hanging at the tops which are the unique thing about this plant. It is so delicate; it enhances the beauty of the plant and the beauty of the place where you have put it in general.

Hosta (Plantain lilies):

Hosta (Plantain lilies) plant for face planters

Hosta is going to be the top of the list, it has long fresh leaves which gives so refreshing vibes and adds up the elegance of the house, you can place this plant in the kitchen and drawing dinning as well.


Fountain Grass:

Fountain grass is the architectural plant and it is the real attention grabber. If you have placed it in your house there is no doubt that it will grab the attention of everyone passing by. They are the prettiest flower from spring season but they get easily damaged by severe winter so you have to protect them from frost and frenzy winter.


hebe plant for self watering planters

The only thing amazing about Hebe’s is that they have lilac flowers which are basically the eye comforter. Having them around the house will surely keep you away from any kind of stress and help you remain active. Hebe also helps you in keeping your mood refreshing all the time.

Heuchera or Coral bells:

Heuchera is an all-time refreshing plant and they have such a variety of colors in it. They have lavenders in them. They are the most suitable plants for the winter. You should not be thinking twice about keeping this plant in your house.


3d printed modern head planter

Above, all of the amazing and the best plants are mentioned with their characteristics and importance that why you should opt to keep them in your house. Each factor is interpreted above with facts.

For the plants mentioned above, a 3D-printed head planter is ideal as it is the most adaptable planter for any kind of plant.


They are simple, unique and attention grabber. Anyone will have a heart out on the hand seeing this. They have very unique space for putting the plants in and they are going to be the most beautiful addition to your head planters if you have any before.

You can easily have them hung anywhere around your kitchen, on the balcony. They have a very easy place for putting the plants in.

They also have some space for storing water which means that they are going to be the protection shield for your plants as well. Have them in your homes for sure.

Frequently asked questions:

Can you put sand in the bottom of a planter?

Usually, it is just not recommended at all to put the sand into the head planter because they are just a ready pot for your plants. You just need to put your plants into it. Putting sand into the head planters will tarnish the real beauty of the head planter. 

What should you use to fill the bottom of a large planter?

Well, the bottom of the large head planters can be easily filled up by the bottles or anything which will fill up the space which was left behind. But mainly it is prohibited to put the sand into the head planter or fill it up with the water.

Should you put rocks in the bottom of a planter?

It depends upon your choice but the only drawback of placing the bottoms in the head planters is, it is still going to drain the water, so not recommended at all.



In conclusion, there are many different plants that can thrive in a head planter, from low-maintenance succulents and ivy to lush ferns and colorful flowers. The best plants for your head planter will depend on your personal style, the size of the planter, and the growing conditions in your area. Experiment with different options to create a unique and eye-catching display that will bring life to any space.

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