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Cute Girl Head Planter

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OUR Head Planter

Unique Design

IPlanting is fun, and we want to add even more fun to our plants. Therefore, we created many different cute head planters.

You can design what plant to put on this head planter to make it look cute. Like me, I put some secculents on her head!

More Features

Self-Watering System

Many head planter doesn't have drainage hole, so plants get root rot all the time in the regular head planters. However, we changed the design. We created a self-watering system in our head planter. The body of the planter is a water reservoir. Water goes up via the cotton rope to the soil to feed the plant. You don't need to worry about root rot. 

More Features

Air Holes for Root Growth

It's more important to give your plant root air, so we created air holes on both ears. These air holes allow your plant root to breathe. As a result, your plant will be happy living inside the head planter.

Let's Put Some "Hair" on It

Hair Style #1

Hair Style #2

Hair Style #3

Hair Style #4

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