Tips & Tricks to Help Your Plants Live Better

Over 100 plants you can find inside this ebook. How to treat brown leave, bugs, root rot. With all the tips and tricks provided with this book, you will become a plant expert to grow your plant better than before.

Watch Your Plants Thrive With These Simple Secrets

At Planterhoma, We Have A Bouquet Of Tips And Tricks To Help Your Plants Grow Lush And Beautiful.

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Plant Away To Glory

Want to learn to take care of your plants without investing too much effort or energy in them?

At Planterhoma, we thrive from knowing that your plants are thriving. With self-watering planters and other cute planters for sale, we help newbies grow plants easily, without them drying out. Say hello to the perfect set of tips and tricks to know more about how to take care of plants.

Comprehensive Guide

The e-book covers over 100 plant tips and caring tricks that will come in handy during all stages of your plant’s growth journey.


Our ways and methods of taking care of plants aren’t complex or hard. It is specifically written for beginners who want the best for their plants.

Knowledge Oriented

The primary agenda of the e-book is to impart plant-related wisdom which goes a long way. It is the perfect place to brush up on your plant knowledge.

Why Choose Us?

  • Learn to take care of Indoor plants
  • Value for money
  • Over 100 pages of tips
  • Amazing designs and beautiful planters


Discover 100+ Planting Tips & Tricks For Beginners

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Claim our FREE E-Book Now (Orig. Value $20.00 USD)