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  • Basic Tips for Plants
  • How to buy a plant, and what sign to look for.
  • How to re-pot your new plant
  • How to water your plant
  • How to feed your plant
  • How to get rid of plant pests
  • How to deal with plant diseases

Plants Grow much better than before

Why my Plant has Brown Leaves?

Your plants' leave started to turn brown, and you have no idea why it happend. Find your plant or plants in our planting guide for more caring tips and tricks.

How much Light Your Plant Needs?

Some indoor plants like sunlight, while some plants do not like direct sunlight. Do you know how much light your plant needs to grow better? Can it be place in the low light bathroom? Find out the answers indie our planting guide.

How to  Deal with Plant Diseases?

Does your plant grows ugly and you don't know why? It might has plant diseases. Don't let the diseases spread all over your plant. Take action to learn more about how to deal with diseases for your plant. Grow it better!

what our customers say about this book

This book gives me all the information I need in a cleverly organized and easy to understand way. I love the photo-index of all featured plants at the beginning of the book. This makes looking up a specific plant I already have very easy, even if I do not know its name. It is very helpful that care instructions for plants with almost identical needs are grouped together. I also like that the book names the top 5 plants for desks, sunny spots, bathrooms, low light areas, as well as the living room. I will use this information to group my plants better in different spaces of my house and to bring new plants into my office.

Kelly J.

verified customers

Really great guide to houseplants. I am an experienced outdoor vegetable gardener, who has never had much success with houseplants. The only one I've ever been able to keep alive is, George, my un-killable Aspidistra (Iron Plant). Thanks to this book and the more detailed, but less cute, book "Practical Houseplants" I now have a little forest of air cleaning plants, succulents, retro 70's plants (rubber plant, and swiss cheese plant), and even two indoor banana trees - all healthy and happy. Even George is happier than ever, with new leaves. Thank you!

Alex C.

verified customers

Very colorful, informative and user friendly. Have recently started collecting indoor plants and trying to develop my green thumb. Of course, Google and YouTube have endless amounts of information. That's great and all but for me that can equal overwhelming amounts of information. This book covers the main hundred or so houseplants and gives you the basic care information that you would need as well as common pests/problems. Had a spider plant die on me a couple months ago (RIP) and the book was right on about why it had happened (overwatering and mites). This has made plant care so much easier to digest and has assured me that taking care of plants isn't really THAT complicated. Lovely layout and fun to read (even about plants that I don't own - yet). Highly, highly recommend for a beginner or intermediate plant parent. 

David H.

verified customers